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 International Artists Residency Program

ERGO art lab is an independent laboratory of art and culture, co-ordinated by the artists Nikolaos Rachoutis and Fedra Rachouti and is suggested as an area for development, testing and promotion of artistic creation and poetic-musical expression, as a meeting place for artists and connoisseurs and as a bridge between the cultural heritage of the Mediterranean countries and the cultural life of Lugano city.

In Ticino territory and beyond, organizes exhibitions, cultural events, concerts, multidisciplinary meetings, seminars, workshops, proposed either by ERGO Art Lab or by external artists.

Under an intercultural welcome, on the plinth of ERGO Art Lab, artists, musicians, poets, writers and curators, in co-operation can create, display, share ideas, plan events and give breath to art trying to get  in the hearts of people as much as possible.

The laboratory of ERGO Art Lab builds a network of partnerships with institutions, public and private cultural associations, art galleries and the media of different countries, ensuring the exposure and the best possible promotion for any kind of cultural event .


Artists in residence

To encourage mobility, meeting and cultural exchange, ERGO Art Lab offers a residency program for artists, offering them the opportunity to devote full time to their work and live with other artists new emotions and experiences of creative research, in a place like the city of Lugano, which has always been a source of inspiration for artists from  around the world.

The program is open to artists from different cultural contexts, providing the necessary instruments for the development of their artistic production and promotion through workshops, exhibitions, presentations, performances, open-studios, during the period of residence.

For the selection of each artist, send a personal project in one of the following disciplines: drawing, painting, writing, performing arts, music, architecture, literature, educational and curatorial programs.

As an archive of the activities it is planned to be published a representing yearbook of the diverse experiences hosted and created using photos and texts by the artists and the events.
With the acceptance of the candidate and the period of stay, the artist authorizes the publication of his/her work on our website and in our annual catalog.

Period of stay
The period of residence may last from 7 days to a month (longer periods may be agreed).

Spaces available to artists are:
Spacious studio, about 100 square meters, divided into three different rooms. A space for music equipped with a digital piano and two rooms suitable for painting, equipped with working desks and easels.

The program is open to candidates throughout the year.

How to submit an application
The applicant must send:
The registration form
Curriculum vitae
Examples of recent work (photographs of the works, musical recordings)
A description of the project that  intends to carry out during the residency.
The desired date for your stay

The material can be sent by e-mail to: or by mail to:
ERGO Art Lab
N. Rachoutis
Via Campagna n.22
CH-6900 Lugano

ERGO Art Lab is a creative indipedente laboratory and has no scholarships.
Normally, the artist must seek funding in his/her country or in institutions, The ERGO Art Lab will do everything possible to facilitate the search of funds to the candidate by sending a letter of invitation, after acceptance of the candidature.

Cost of residence
The fee is CHF 200 for the first week and CHF 150 for each subsequent week.
Of these is required in advance of CHF 100, filed immediately after the acceptance of the nomination. The remainder will be paid on the first day of your stay.

Refunds for cancellations
In case of cancellation will be refunded 50% of deposit.
Any cancellation must be made ​​in writing by post or email.

What is included in the cost of residence
The application fee of residence covers the use of the lab space, electricity, water, heating. It also includes participation in the activities of the program and publication in the catalog of annual events.

Not included
Travel expenses, accommodation, food and material costs necessary to  work.
The resident must personally arrange a personal accident insurance, accidents, etc. .. before arriving to our studio.
ERGO Art Lab is not responsible in any way and under any circumstances for injuries, accidents, medical expenses, etc. ..

For more information  and registration  please contact:


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